edgetech strategic vision

Our Vision

At the core of Edgetech’s philosophy, is a heart that cares. We strongly believe in working towards making the world a healthier place to live in. It is our vision to be a leading brand in the HVAC industry globally, fueled by engineering excellence and strengthened by ecologically sound practices.

edgetech target

Our Mission

Our consistent endeavour to grow from strength to strength has helped us innovate, expand our product range and intensify our global footprint. Our mission is rooted in our core philosophy – to serve humanity by creating a sustainable environment for our present and future generations. Driven by this innate principle, it is our mission to carve a niche for our products across the globe through consistent innovation, relentless pursuit of brilliance and delivery standards par excellence.

Our Values

We take pride in our value system

edgetech perseverance


We persevere to deliver
the best.

edgetech innovation


We innovate to develop
efficient solutions.

edgetech Respect

Respect and Humility

We create an atmosphere of
mutual respect.

edgetech honest


We believe in honesty, transparency
and fairness.

edgetech development

Evolve and Adapt

We believe in growing


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