edgetech heat recovery unit cross flow type

Heat Recovery Unit (Cross Flow Type)


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Features And Benefits

  • Units are designed in accordance with high technical standards to provide the best solutions for cooling, heating
  • Units are manufactured with a variety of standard components, in different panel configurations to suit each application. Different arrangements and position of the sections are possible depending on the constraints and requirements of the site. Units are also equipped with thermal bridge concept between the panels and the frames.
  • Provide a complete solution for IAQ and Energy Saving in a single unit
  • Option to add modules for cooling, heating, high efficiency filtration etc
  • In a crossflow heat exchanger, the supply and exhaust airflow perpendicular to each other separated by aluminium plates which transfer the heat from one side to the other
  • Heat transferred from one air flow to another without mixing the air flows
  • Very low cross contamination providing high indoor air quality
  • Long lifetime and no moving parts for minimal maintenance and service costs
  • Sensible Efficiency up to 80%
  • Thermal Breaks Units are AHRI 1350 certified

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