edgetech evaporative cooling unit

Air Washer & Evaporative Cooling Unit

The double stage evaporative cooling process works as a combination of a humidifier and a air purifier. The Indirect Evaporative Cooling at stage one builds on the strength of cooling by using water evaporation without increasing humidity in the supply air. This helps in removing sensible heat from the primary supply air stream thus providing 70-75% indirect saturation efficiency. The Direct Evaporative Cooling at stage twp productes near adiabatic cooling thus resulting in a total two stage saturation efficiency of 110-115% for the most comfortable, healthy cooling.


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Features And Benefits

  • Double stage cooling allows the use of energy saving evaporative cooling technology for design conditions where direct evaporative cooling is inadequate.
  • The energy consumption is around half than that of air conditioning, while the capital cost is also significantly lower.
  • The conditioned space is cooled by 100% fresh air, hence there are no IAQ related problems.
  • Since no refrigerant is used, the system is environmentally friendly.

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