Our E3 Edge

In alignment to our core commitment to environmental sustainability, we follow a unique work philosophy called ‘E3’ which stands for Eco-friendliness, Energy Efficiency and Engineering Excellence. The three vital principles guide the company’s operations right from the top management to the shop-floor, to ensure the delivery of world class Air Handling Systems.

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Eco friendly

At Edgetech, we care for the air people breathe. All our products and processes are focused on reducing the carbon footprint to contribute towards a healthy world. We believe in innovative technology to manufacture superior quality products that are high on efficiency. We research and innovate to provide eco-friendly solutions that help preserve the deteriorating environment, keep noise pollution at bay and reduce air conditioning costs.

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Energy efficiency

Driven by our core value, we employ futuristic techniques to be energy-efficient at every stage, right from the design element to after-sales. We strive to ensure that our Air Handling Systems, when installed, help reduce energy cost, while also helping the company to cut down harmful emissions. Our team is on a constant mission to explore every possible innovation to improve energy efficiency at all levels.

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Engineering excellence

Fueled by our drive to create superior and better performing products, we focus on the application of advanced technology, stringent quality control and operational accuracy to manufacture next generation air handling solutions. Engineering excellence is the cornerstone of our work philosophy. Our engineering-led team channelizes tech advancements, innovations, best equipment & skills to ensure a seamless installation of Edgetech products on site, as well as post installation efficacy.


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