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Air Purification System

Edgetech offers unique range of particulate matter and chemical filters for the removal of airborne contaminants & gaseous pollutants. The advanced filtration system provides tropical/economy-oriented air movement, giving pleasant, natural Himalayan like environment.

The E3 Next Gen Air Purification System has capability to remove harmful indoor and outdoor pollutants like atmospheric gases, odour, biological contamination, VOC’s and other compounds while maintaining particulate matter (PM-10, PM-2.5 & PM-1) levels, thus affecting the overall air quality. Our range of gas adsorption filter easily removes these process gases and purifies the contaminated space


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Features And Benefits

  • Integrated with best available filtration media with unique radial pleat design filter
  • Electronically Commutated (EC) fans are provided with an integrated frequency converter for step-less load control, having impeller with low aerodynamic losses thus resulting in extremely high efficiency and silent operations.
  • Option of having Plug Fans with IE2, IE3 and IE4 motors with factory fitted VFD also available.
  • Unique design profile and panel made with corrosion resistant aluminium to meet the international standard for leakage class.
  • Rigid frame work design inherent to the casing strength and stability.
  • Packaged with grand features like inbuilt electrical control panel with intelligent controls and sensors for automation that leads to optimum efficiency and major energy savings
  • Highly efficient and low pressure drop filtration technology to maintain permissible PM 2.5 levels.
  • Better IAQ
    • Very effective against PM-2.5 to PM-10 range particulate matter sizes.
    • For adsorption of odours, vapours and gases in air conditioning applications.
    • Multi-layered activated carbon media gives high performance against the suspended molecules exploiting the benefits of Rapid Adsorption Dynamics (RAD).
    • Highly effective against Molecular pollutants released from external sources (traffic fumes, power generation, industry etc.)
  • Human Comfort
    • Highly effective against Respirable Suspended Particulates (RSP) with nominal aerodynamic diameter of 10 µm or smaller.
  • Corrosion Prevention Filters
    • Highly effective in sub-tropical industrialised climatic conditions.
    • Checks the tendency of unexpected failure of the machinery components due to rusting.
    • Ability to successfully remove Sulphur compounds and chloride ions causative agents for atmospheric corrosion.
  • Easy to adjust the air flow to accommodate exact needs.
  • For treating atmospheric gases, Multiple combination of filter media are availablelike:
    • Particles only
    • Particles, VOCs and Ozone
    • Particles and Formaldehyde
    • Particles, VOCs, Ozone and Formaldehyde.
    • Particles, Acids and gases.
  • On demand, the unit can be custom-made with UVGI or PHIO+ specifications
  • Other available accessories:
    • Pressure drop Alarm.
    • On-Off timer
    • IOT/Digitally controlled user interface to check and monitor air quality over internet.
  • Power Supply: Single/ Three Phase.
  • Filter: Up to 5 stages.
  • Air Volume: 1200 CFM to 6000 cfm
  • Ideal for all applications where fresh air is a must
  • Ideal for hospitals and healthcare industry.
  • Suitable for removing odour from public buildings and waste treatment

ACREX AWARD OF EXCELLENCE for outstanding work in the Technology Developed in India Category- Year 2017


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