edgetech heat recovery unit with heat wheel

Heat Recovery Unit (With Heat Wheel)


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Features And Benefits

  • Provide a complete solution for IAQ and Energy Saving in a single unit
  • Option to add modules for cooling, heating, high efficiency filtration etc
  • Commonly known as Total Energy Wheel (Recovery of sensible as well as latent)
  • Purge sector option to minimize cross contamination
  • Reduce the load on the central HVAC system
  • Vertical or horizontal positioning and can handle both vertical and horizonal split of flows
  • Typical temperature efficiencies are up to 90%
  • advantages of the product:
    • Higher temperature efficiency
    • Possibility to transfer moisture
    • Smaller in size
    • Less risk of freezing
  • Units are designed to meet the needs of certain aseptic applications such as: Hospitals, pharmaceutical & food industry, laboratories, clean rooms and others.

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