edgetech kitchen and hot air systems

Kitchen and Hot Air Systems

The design philosophy of Edgetech’s Kitchen and Hot Air Stream range of products is to remove foul gases and odour from the kitchen environment.

The unit is so designed that the motor doesn’t come in contact with the effluent gases thus extending the lifetime of the motor.


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Features And Benefits

  • High efficiency backward inclined impeller
  • discharge upward (standard), or depending on site conditions
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation with double skin panel 25 mm/ 50 mm thickness with 40 kg/ m³ CFC free PU.
  • Low sound and energy levels because of highly efficient plug fans.
  • Separate motor cell preventing the hot fumes from reacting with motor bearings and casing.
  • Low sound and vibration resulting in smooth operation.
  • Easy integration with dry or wet scrubber
  • The system extracts the burned out gases from kitchen area thus maintaining the insides fume free.
  • It filters the exhaust through a metal filter while sending it to the atmosphere.
  • In Industries, it is used for the removal of polluted and obnoxious gases.
  • Metal filter box arrests oil and grease particles
  • Specially designed to exhaust the air in commercial kitchens or spaces where cooking is carried out regularly
  • Hot Air Stream range of products are used in the exhaust of the air from hotels, restaurants or similar places where cooking is carried out regularly.
  • Some commercial and industrial kitchen exhaust air applications include:
    • shopping centres
    • office buildings
    • exhibition centres
    • hotels
    • health centres
    • schools and universities

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